Humans are actually doing really bloody well on Climate Change


One of the easy traps to fall into as someone with even a slight understanding of the global climate situation – particularly when it comes to human-accelerated system change – is that of despair.

It’s important to take some time to step back from all the horrendous news and acknowledge that, in the grand scheme of our observations so far, Humans are also the only race to even be able to try to escape Malthusian traps that are still forming. Not to rip on the Club of Rome too hard, but there are – to the best of my knowledge – no examples of organisms pre-emptively limiting their consumption of resources in order to avoid a problem of scarcity.

Admittedly, thanks to the Molochian tendencies of resource consumption problems, humans are presently pretty much sucking ass at dealing with Climate Change, we’re at least making the effort.

Given that even the worst scenarios of climate change as projected by the UN and other reputable bodies are unlikely to cause the complete destruction of the human experience and noosphere, this can give us some hope for the near to medium term if our goals in the continuation of conscious life in the local environment.