Predictions about Self-Driving Cars in Tasmania

Autonomous Vehicles, Predictions

The following entry is a collection of predictions, considerations and open-ended exploration about the nature and speed of arriving Self-Driving Car technology in Tasmania, Australia.

Conjoined consideration with adoption of electric based car and truck fleets in Tasmania to vary future modellings of carbon output.

  • Frequency of use and scale of use of current Tasmanian vehicular consumption
  • Modelling truck use in Tasmania
  • Carbon output in present terms – from Australia Bureau of Statistics
  • Use % of cars in Tasmania
  • Autonomous Car Summoning efficiency increase %’s
  • Amelioration of inner-city car clustering – modelled from time-spent-hunting-for-parking
  • Length and purpose of trip data
  • Critical car%-as-part-of-population tipping points – Metcalfe’s Law
  • Rideshare acceptance %
  • Incidences of abuse
  • Cost of electricity and storage


Adoption of self-driving cars as fleet vehicles

Reallocation of taxi economy

Transport of elderly, disabled

Overnight travel